The Gemini Guys...

Eric has extensive experience in both technical SEO and in Google My Business optimization. He has worked as a SEO analyst, PPC  analyst, and digital marketing manager in a past agency life. Prior to starting Gemini Guys, he spent time in  the corporate world working on the SEO team of Fortune 500 sporting goods retailer, DICK'S Sporting Goods.

He is currently a moderator at the Local Search Forum, and still loves helping both business owners and other SEO's answering Local SEO questions.  

Sean worked in both the legal and the financial services industries prior to starting Gemini Guys Digital Marketing in January 2017. Having worked in leadership positions in both small and large companies, Sean has years of experience working with a diverse makeup of consumers to build plans to achieve financial success.

Sean’s passion is working with people. He has also worked as a CrossFit Trainer since 2014, and enjoys coaching and teaching others to help them reach their goals.

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You Need a Partner, Not a Vendor. We Get that

How many digital marketing agencies or "guaranteed" SEO packages have you purchased in the past? How many times did you buy a "package" because it was created for specifically for "small businesses" like yours? How many times did you see real growth from these packages? 

How many new customers have come to you because they found you online? 

"Guaranteed" SEO

If you speak with an SEO provider and they guarantee rankings... Run Away... Fast. 

​No one who does search engine optimization for websites can really control how a site ranks. Google and the other search engines are the only ones who have full control over it, because it's their product. Their algorithms are secret, and everyone outside of their companies can only infer parts of their algorithms because we run tests and study. 

We're not in the business of guaranteeing rankings, and we never will be. What we are in the business of is becoming your partner to help your business grow online. Working with us will seem like you're working with an extension of your own in-office team! We care about making your business successful, and will work hard every chance we get to help your small business dominate online. 

We can help you grow your business online by identifying multiple ways to drive qualified customers to your site; whether that's SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing or most likely a combination those options. In today's online landscape, it isn't just about having one source of traffic. We need to make sure your business has many ways to be visible to customers, not just focus on one.

What We Can Guarantee

At Gemini Guys, we can proudly guarantee that we'll treat you like family. That means when you trust us to run your online marketing campaigns, we treat it like it's our business. Your online marketing needs to show a real return on investment, because it's only when customers buy from you, that you can pay the bills. We understand that, and we'll do everything we can to produce for you.

We will help define the goals, objectives, and strategies ​to help your business succeed online. We will be more than "hired help," we will be your marketing partner to help guide and teach.