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Gemini Guys is a Pittsburgh digital marketing agency founded by twin brothers. Our goal as a company is to provide every client with the personalized relationship and service that every small business needs. We specialize in full service Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Pay Per Click Marketing Management, Social Media Management, WordPress Customization, and Digital Marketing Consulting services. We hope when considering companies for digital marketing, Pittsburgh businesses give us an opportunity to show how we can help them grow.

Pittsburgh Marketing Agency

Small businesses need a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy to attract new customers searching online. That’s where we can help! The old techniques of internet marketing Pittsburgh companies may rely on may not work today. When it comes to inbound marketing, Pittsburgh small businesses cannot afford to ignore any potential channel for new business. Our goal is to find where your customers search online, how they search online, what services they are most in need of, who they trust for reviews, and of course, when they are most likely to search. We want to make sure your business is visible for the right customer at the right time. For small businesses in Pittsburgh, internet marketing needs to be a comprehensive approach which combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing, and a strong content strategy.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the activity of attempting to improve search engine rankings. Major search engines like Google and Bing will display links to pages they consider authoritative and relevant to a web searcher’s term. Search engines define authority and relevancy by the quality of content on a page (do users find the page useful), and the quality of other websites linking to those in the search results.

What exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating unique and relevant content to target specific phrases which are commonly searched, and making sure that people who may be interested in the content know about it. Content creation is only one part of SEO, the other (and more important part) is promoting great content.


Many business owners may ask, “Are SEO services worth it?” Well, it depends on your need. Working on an important online marketing activity like search engine optimization is very time consuming, and requires constant work to test and find what will help a website grow. Reading blogs or going to webinars does not cut it. Much like keeping your body fit, you need to work at it every day to keep your skills sharp. If your company can not dedicate someone to work on these activities every day, then hiring a company to help with SEO services may be worth it.


Many companies will ask us, “How much does local SEO cost?” Our answer is… it depends on your situation. Providing template services is not what we do. We create customized plans for each business, and build out a road-map based on your needs. To give you a ballpark range, our prices start around $500 per month. While doing your research on who to task with taking care of your investment, make sure to see which company and price point is best for you. Make sure you are getting a custom plan unique to your business, and not a cookie cutter template which may be sold to anyone and everyone.

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Pittsburgh SEO Services

For too many businesses in Pittsburgh, SEO agency services may be an afterthought. Hopefully if you are reading this, you are part of a company who realizes if you are not found online, you might not be found at all. That is where we are trying to help. When it comes to SEO, Pittsburgh businesses are diverse and need to be treated differently.
Our services include the following standard elements:

  • A full Onsite Audit, which includes a review of over 200 separate website elements
  • Google My Business claiming & optimization to get your business appearing in Google Maps
  • Analysis of your business’ current local search presence, by evaluating major local business directory websites
  • Gain control and optimize major local business websites like Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, YellowPages, and more!
  • Installation and customization for necessary analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Monthly Reporting & Analytics Analysis

Specifically, as a Pittsburgh SEO company we will expand our work to focus on the local market. This means we will:

  • Target placements on local Pittsburgh directories – both generally for the city, and industry specific
  • Create city-specific content & optimize for locally relevant terms
  • Research & focus outreach efforts to local websites, businesses, and influencers.
  • Help create local link building strategies to target potential customers in whichever borough your business is targeting.

Our goal is to create a program that will work for both your business goals, and your budget.

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We love to talk about digital marketing, and how it could help your business


What if you are not looking for a full-service agency, and just want some guidance as you implement your own projects? No problem, we have you covered! We also offer consulting hours on an ad-hoc basis. For some businesses in Pittsburgh, SEO consultant help is all they need. We are happy to help in your project as needed.

Pre-purchase as many hours for the next month as you anticipate you will need, and we can help however you would like. We can help you do part of the work, or walk through the strategy and advise how to proceed. It is up to you.

Contact us today to discuss your need for a SEO consultant!

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Want Training or Support?

If you want help with training your in-house staff or just need a strategy consultant, we've got you covered! Contact us today to learn more.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising (also known as PPC Marketing)?

Pay Per Click Marketing is a method of advertising where a business pays a publisher each time an ad is searched for and clicked. The most well-known ad platforms for local businesses today are Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads.


In Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, an advertiser (the local business) will need to start by researching keywords that are related and relevant to the product or service. Keyword research is the core to any search advertising campaign, since these should be what potential buyers are searching for. Once the main keywords are added to the campaign, the advertiser needs to create relevant ads to drive users to a landing page on the business’ website. Finally, the advertiser will need to determine a daily budget for the campaign, so they can set a cap on how much the ad platform will charge. When someone searches for a keyword in the ad campaign and clicks on the business’ ad, then the business will pay the current Cost-Per-Click (CPC) from their daily budget.

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Common Online Ad Networks are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.

how online ads work

A person will search for a product or service on Google (or another major search engine), click on your ad, and can either buy direct online or contact your business to buy.

Facebook ad dimension examples

Facebook ads come in a variety of sizes depending on the device you are using. They can show up within your news feed, or on the side depending on the ad size.


The most common two platforms most small businesses will be engaged in will most likely be Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads. When asked how to run a Google PPC campaign, this is our general outline:

We build out the account to include a campaign for either location or product/service depending on the budget management strategy. If the business has multiple locations, then it may make sense to split traffic between offices/locations. If there is one location, but many distinct services then it might make sense to allocate budget by most profitable service. We then can expand ad groups to target specific product/service traits or characteristics (e.g., color, size, weight, location – “blue widget”, “5×5 storage unit”, or “photographer near”).

Next, we conduct extensive keyword research to build out each ad group with 10-15 high value targets. Each month these lists will expand and change based on how users are searching. We will also build out a negative keyword list to prevent ads from showing on irrelevant terms (which saves you money). We create relevant ads for each ad group – 2 to 3 ads running at one time to test and measure which ad copy variation performs the best. We update as many ad extensions as we can for the business (callout, sitelinks, phone call, location, review, etc.). We will finally update location & targeting settings in each campaign to focus on areas where your target customers live or work.

Facebook Ad campaigns work a little differently than Google Ads. With Facebook Ads, you define user demographics (age, gender, location) and specific traits they may have. What kind of job do they hold, do they have kids, are they married, what salary range would you like to target, etc. Targeting within Facebook campaigns are not tied to keywords, but instead what your target customer is interested in.

Turn Your PPC Campaigns Profitable

Get your pay per click marketing campaigns on the right track to profitability. Your return on ad spend (ROAS) should be positive! If you aren't confident with your current campaign performance, contact us for a Pay Per Click campaign audit!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services

At this point you might be wondering why hire a Facebook or Google PPC Management company, since this seems like something anyone can do. This is absolutely something anyone can learn how to do, but that requires a significant investment of time (and money) to learn how to manage a campaign the right way. Our goal is to do what we really love to do (manage ad campaigns), and let you manage the business you love. Our Pay Per Click advertising services are designed to give you more time selling your product and helping customers, instead of trying to figure out the latest changes Google or Facebook made to their ad management platforms.


Search Engine Marketing (synonymous term for PPC advertising) strategies vary by industry, but everyone has the same goal as you - make your business profitable.

We will take a careful approach to make sure your campaign is targeting the correct audience. Whether you want to grow awareness for your shop in Shadyside, drive new customers to a restaurant in the Cultural District, or book more appointments for a photo studio in Lawrenceville, we can help you reach your goal.


PPC management cost varies depending on your business’ media budget. The media budget is the amount that you are budgeting to pay the ad networks (e.g., Google, Facebook), which is paid directly from a credit card or invoice if the account is a high enough spender.

Our approach to search engine marketing management is to base our fee off of the number of hours we would need to make your campaign successful. Since we have experience with national campaigns exceeding $5 Million per year in spend, we have a good idea how much time we need to invest in campaigns of all sizes. If you would like a quote for your business, contact us today and we will review your account to give you an estimate!

Social Media Management Company in Pittsburgh

For many businesses in Pittsburgh, social media marketing has been a struggle for years. Social media is not just about posting your latest blog post. You need to build a community, get people excited about your industry, and show the world how amazing your community is. When thinking about social media marketing, Pittsburgh businesses need to remember one important tip – Focus on Your Customer.


We would be proud for the opportunity to be your social media marketing agency of choice. We focus our service on identifying which social networks your customers are most likely to use, and make sure your business has a strong & optimized profile for those customers to find you. We take what we research about your target market and identify topics related to your business they will find interesting, which will be the building block to developing content to share. Each month we will have a set number of evergreen posts to share, but we also include business promotions and timely news to share with the community.

Are You Building a Community Around Your Business?

Don't just make posts on Facebook or Twitter - get your audience to engage with your brand. Contact us today to discuss your business goals for marketing on social media!