The Smart Rep System

What is the Smart Rep?

  • A system designed to turn leads into members and keep your current members 
  • Integrated Membership Software, so you spend less time following up with leads and more time working with clients.
  • eBook content for your website to turn lurkers into new member leads
  • Monthly consulting to customize the system to your needs

Spend More Time Growing Your Community & Less Time Chasing Leads

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How does the Smart Rep system work? 

We designed a "Smart" System to help box owners achieve their goals

Our system knows what your potential members are interested in, if they're experienced or a beginner, and follows up with them with messages tailored to their selected path.

You don't need to worry about tracking new potential members and following up because the Smart Rep system will do the follow ups for you.

You will be able to create the best experience for your new potential member when they enter your facility because you will know what problems you can provide solutions to.

Keeping current members happy is just as important as finding new members for your community. Increase member retention with current member engagement through the Smart Rep system.

Ready to Spend More Time Doing What Pushed You to Open Your Box in the First Place?

It's time to put systems in place to handle important tasks so you aren't forced to do everything yourself.

Implement the Smart Rep system so unconverted leads don't fall through the cracks. Some potential members may not be ready for a membership today, but continued relationship building could convert them down the road!

Stop spending more of your valuable time selling, and start spending more time with your clients & building your community!

Do you believe your gym can do a better job turning leads into members?

Are you tired of making "sales" calls or running through a sales pitch after an intro class?

Are you tired of repeating course descriptions or wish it was easier to inform prospective members?​

Get Back To Your Passion & Grow Your Business

Our system was created with one primary focus: Give time back to the busy box owner/gym affiliate. It's perfect for a one-man show or an operation with a full staff. Our system allows you to run your training facility and focus on your members, not spend so much time focusing on selling to leads. 

Grow your community - not your to do list

Stop following up with leads, and spend more time making your members & community love your business. Through targeted response campaigns, we educate and help your leads become members without the need for direct sales tactics from you or your staff.

You focus on building relationships, we will help you with the systems you need for growth

  • Easily manage all your memberships & payments through an emerging leader in fitness facility management software
  • Send targeted onboarding campaigns to both educate and excite potential members at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Spend less time "selling" your leads, and more time building a real relationship to help them reach their fitness goals.

Learn more with a free discovery call if sales and marketing for your gym is starting to add stress to your business and life!

Spread the Word and Change an Industry