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PPC Marketing Can Be Your Greatest Asset or Largest Budget Drain... Which Describes Your Campaign?

Google can be a valuable lead generation tool, since so many people are actively using it to find answers to the questions they have. 

Are you struggling to see a positive return on your investment after buying pay per click advertising from Google or Facebook? Are you wondering why your pay per click (PPC) campaign isn't at least breaking even?

Take this example for running shoes. Both the highlighted sections show an example of a type of ad that eCommerce businesses are using to drive traffic to their product pages. The return on investment for some of these companies can get higher than 5:1. That's why running ads like this are so important to their marketing strategy!

Are you seeing even a 2:1 return on ad spend?

Have a professional review, and learn where you are losing money!

Are you seeing cost per click (cpc) averages above your industry average? 

AdWords is a tough channel, because it has become so popular with everyone from small to enterprise level businesses. Google is where most people start their search, so it makes sense that everyone wants to have their business promoted on Google. 

Although it is popular, this creates a problem. 

More Competition means Higher CPC's

How does your business fare on Cost Per Acquisition? 

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the main key performance indicator when trying to understand whether your campaign is performing efficiently. This is the price you pay to acquire a new customer or a new customer lead. 

Make sure your business is profitable by understanding the ROI (return on investment) behind every campaign you run. 

If you want to know whether Google AdWords Marketing is right for your business, contact us to perform an account audit. We can help you fix the holes where you're losing money.

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