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Do you feel like your website is underperforming? Are you having trouble attracting and converting local leads? Do you feel like you need to improve and update your social presence? Does every conversation with a potential client or member turn to price? We can help!

When you work with the Gemini Guys Digital Marketing team, you get expert marketers that will help get your business back on track.

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Get Your Studio Found!

Whether you operate a yoga studio out of your home or you have your own designated space to work with clients, one constant remains, and that is your studio needs to be found by prospective clients! If you focused on everything else about running your business besides the marketing strategy to promote and entice new clientele, then you aren't setting yourself up for long term success.

A comprehensive online strategy is important to not only build your business's brand, but to also give your clients a resource for information and services. Having a strong online presence is crucial to let new potential members find your business and understand the voice and vision of your studio.

In order to get new visitors to your website and in your door, you need to have a compelling message and a system in place to deliver the message.

We understand the time commitment it takes to manage and market for a small business owner, and if you are finding it tough to create your marketing plan in house, look to us for guidance.

With website that entices and engages visitors and the business systems in place to convert and retain those members, your studio will be on the path to long term success. Without the proper systems, you could find long hours and increased stress levels as a daily occurrence.

Lose the stress and gain your time back. Implement quality systems like our Smart Rep to help you manage the marketing and outreach side of your business while you focus on what inspired you to start teaching classes in the first place.

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Your Website Represents You

If you aren't sure how to develop a marketing strategy, you aren't alone. Many businesses struggle to create the kind of online presence they desire. As an independent yoga studio, you have the ability to promote your business with a voice that speak to your ideal client. Unfortunately, keeping current on Instagram won't be enough to override the competitive market in your favor.

You need to make sure you have a functioning website that is displayed in an appealing way, content on that website to inform and engage your current and future clientele, and a way to collect data from your site so you can make informed future decisions on how to create new ad campaigns. Your website is an extension of you and your business to the public eye.

In many cases, your website will be the first thing that a prospective client sees from your business. A quality website with a clean look and an intelligently flowing layout can leave a very positive impression in the mind of your potentially new client, while a website with a confusing layout and tons of errors can lead that same potential client away from your business and into the front doors of one of your competitors.

Your website isn't just for window shoppers either. You need to make sure there is a strategy in place to capture important pieces of information from potential clients. Relevant and engaging information and forms to collect email addresses and interest information can be a huge part of a marketing campaign for your business. With the volunteered information from the potential client, you'll be able to start building a relationship with them before they even step foot inside your studio.

The website is just one piece to the marketing strategy. Creating and maintaining an online presence via social media platforms and relevant industry blogs or article forums is just as important when it comes to building your brand. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to find a way to reach your target audience and differentiate from all of the other yoga studios and fitness facilities in your area.

If maintaining a website, social media presence, and online engagement sounds like a lot to handle after a full day of classes, don't worry, we have a solution.

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Get found by potential clients, and start growing your business

Yoga Marketing Automation

With the proper systems in place, your marketing strategy doesn't need long hours or nights and weekends. With automated solutions in place to help manage many important aspects of your business, you can devote more time to developing better relationships with your clients and putting more time into parts of the business you truly enjoy.

With years of experience in the fitness and marketing industries, we understand the time it takes to make sure you're reaching out to potentially new clients in a timely manner while making sure you are also spending time sending out communications to current clients. A business's success relies on the quality of relationships that are developed with the clientele. If you are having trouble finding time in the day to complete everything you need to complete while still maintaining regular contact with all of your clients, you need a change. You need systems in place to manage some of the important parts of your business.

If you have the correct systems in place to manage certain aspects of your business, you'll be able to focus more on more important and interesting parts of your business. You'll be able to focus more on what you are coaching and how you are coaching each class. You will be able to actually write the yoga newsletter that you've been meaning to get started.

More time to devote to your business and staying on track to your business plan is important for the overall health and success of your studio.

If you haven't tried setting up automated systems or haven't considered using one in the past, take a look at our Smart Rep system. The Smart Rep system is a customizable automation system that can help get your new potential clients in the door and facilitate getting quality information to your current members, all without you needing to spend the hours each week doing so!

As you implement systems like the Smart Rep into your business, day to day tasks which once took up a great deal of time, such as following up with possible new clients or relaying information to current members, are now handled automatically! Without the need to manually work through the tasks, your day can be spent working on your business and creating the best possible experince for your clients.

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